Refugee and Humanitarian Visas

The Humanitarian Program has two components:

The onshore component offers protection to people in Australia who engage Australia’s protection obligations.

The offshore component offers resettlement for people outside Australia who are in need of humanitarian assistance.

Onshore Protection

Refugee and Humanitarian program aims to provide options for people who are in Australia and wish to apply for protection. To be granted you will need to be found to engage Australia’s protection obligation according to the “Refugee convention” which is an international treaties Australia has entered back in 1954. You might also be eligible for a protection visa if you are the family member of a person found to engage Australia’s protection obligations. The Protection visa is a permanent visa.

Offshore Protection

The offshore Humanitarian program offers protection to whom the Refugees Convention defines as a refugee. It offers protection to a person who is outside of their country of nationality and is unable or unwilling to return due to a well-founded fear of being prosecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality or membership of particular social group, or political opinion.

The offshore resettlement to refugees and others in humanitarian need is available when the other durable solutions is not feasible.(such as voluntary return to home country once it’s safe, local integration to the country of first asylum or resettlement in a third country)

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